Meet the 2024 Ringmaster
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Spreading Fun and Renewing Community Spirit

The Festival

The annual Barnum Festival is a seasonal celebration of the City of Bridgeport and its tight-knit community. Dating back to 1948, the festival originated to help support local businesses and honor P.T. Barnum—a world-renowned showman and city leader. The Barnum Festival spans several weeks in an effort to build community spirit, enrich the lives of Bridgeport residents, and give back, culminating in a weekend-long Barnum Palooza that hosts parades, concerts, fireworks, and other family-friendly events.

The Board

Andrew Julian

Paul Miller

Joseph Kasper

Kaye Williams

William Murphy

Paul DelFino

Michael Bisciglia

Robert Laska

Anthony Cennera

Charles Carroll

David D’Addario

Richard Bodine

Hon Eddie Rodriquez

Leonard Berger

Peter Hurst

James Carbone

Larry Merriam

Nicholas D’Addario

Hon Mark Lauretti

Michael Niedermeier

Thomas Santa

Armando Goncalves

Frank Carroll

John Stafstrom

Paul Timpanelli

Frederick Hall

Jason Julian

Terry O’Connor

John Vazzano

Martin Schwartz

Frank Gennarini

Willie McBride Jr

Anthony Cavalli

Gregory Gnandt

Peggi Poulos-Gnandt

George Estrada

Mike Repko

Mel Cunningham

Festival Officers

Pres. Terry O’Connor

VP George Estrada

Sect. Charles M. Carroll

Treasurer Thomas McCarthy