Every year The Barnum Festival chooses a new Ringmaster from who has demonstrated proven leadership during his or her career. Most past Ringmasters have considered this to be the honor of their lives. The duties of the Ringmaster include leading the organization of The Festival, with all the volunteers, committees and staff. Even though The Festival does not attempt to make a profit it still requires considerable funding to put on all the events and the Ringmaster takes the lead role in fundraising. It’s basically a full-time job for the year. One can never serve more the one term as Ringmaster – except for Frank Gennarini who served three consecutive terms because of the limitiations on The Festival from COVID.

1950: Herman W. Steinkraus
1951: Alfred V. Bodine
1952: William Carlson
1953: Thomas S. Frouge
1954: Sigurd B. Swanson
1955: Joseph H. Lederer
1956: Joseph W. Ganim
1957: G. Neill Tobin
1958: Kenneth E. Raine
1959: David E. Cunningham

1960: Kenneth A. Maloney
1961: Bradford N. Warner
1962: Eaden M. Whiteman
1963: Nelson H. Downs
1964: Raymond J. O’Connor
1965: Lloyd H. Meyer
1966: Edgar W. Bassick III
1967: F. Francis D’Addario
1968: James W. Jolly
1969: Robert J. Magee

1970: Nils C. Erickson
1971: Charles Batcheldor
1972: Earle G. Anderson
1973: Leo Redgate, Sr.
1974: Raymond C. Lyddy
1975: Edward G. O’Shea
1976: G. Webster Miller
1977: S. George Santa
1978: William S. Simpson
1979: James P. Schwartz

1980: E. Cortright Phillips
1981: Andrew J. Julian
1982: Arthur L. McClinch
1983: Barton L. Weller
1984: Paul S. Miller
1985: Victor K. Kiam II
1986: Elizabeth M. Pfreim
1987: John S. Kartovsky
1988: William J. Carroll
1989: Joseph T. Kasper, Jr.

1990: Frederick K. Biebel
1991: Kaye Williams
1992: William S. Murphy
1993: Mickey Herbert
1994: Paul S. DelFino
1995: Mario D’Addario
1996: Michael C. Bisciglia
1997: Robert L. Laska
1998: Dr. Anthony Cernera
1999: Charles M. Carroll

2000: David F. D’Addario
2001: Richard Bodine
2002: Hon. Eddie Rodriguez, Jr.
2003: Leonard F. Berger
2004: Peter F. Hurst
2005: James A. Carbone
2006: Rick Porto
2007: Larry Merriam
2008: Mayor Mark Lauretti
2009: Michael E. Niedermeier

2010: Thomas S. Santa
2011: Armando Goncalves
2012: Frank J. Carroll
2013: John F. Stafstrom, Jr.
2014: Paul Timpanelli
2015: Fred Hall
2016: Jason Julian
2017: Terry O’Connor

2018: John Vazzano

2019: Martin Schwartz

2020-2022: Frank T. Gennarini (COVID)

2023: George Estrada

2024: Dr. Camelia Lawrence